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A talk with my sister ♥️

My sister has always had the habit of not helping me 😂 Ok so dont get her wrong . It's like sometimes i want her to make my decisions and she just says "you have to do it, you decide" and I get pissed off like.... 'I want you to help me'!

Yesterday we were sitting in our room when we were discussing life and stuff and one thing led to another and she said something....... "never be with someone because you need them, make yourself everything that you can ever need and be with someone simply because you like it"


I was stunned at how can she put such a big thing in such small words.

She further explained , never ask or even hope anyone(be it your friend or lover ) to do/be anything for you, like your supporter, source of light, guide in life. If a person automatically does that for you, it is amazing and you are very lucky but dont expect them to do/be that.

In some extreme cases, such expectations create a sense of superiority and inferiority and then my friend, you are not equals.

So, coming to the point at which I started my article, she didn't want to be the elder sister who starts taking even my smallest decision. She wanted my mind to grow and above all she wanted me to learn to be enough for myself.

Shocking how a simple conversation teaches you so many thing 💙

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