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Dancing in the Dark

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Dancing is something extremely close and vital to me. It is my daily routine of stress release. And I am pretty sure I would lose my soul if I don't dance every day, for a week or two. It is a natural thing you know, being able to throw out my emotions through my body moves. Just clicking with that beat, and swaying or turning at the right moment, and making everything perfect, in just that exact moment. Just letting go of my hands loose, and letting my subconscious part tell me, how I wanna move next and yes it happens! your body starts to tell you how to proceed........ there is this normal daily dancing and then there is DANCING IN THE DARK

Gaawwwdddd how do I explain that feeling! At that moment, when I turn off all the lights(by all I mean all the lights in the fucking house) and I close my gate, and my eyes, and put those earphones, with the sound on full, and then it's just my body and the music and notthhhiinnggg else...... no one else in this world... the music blocks all of the thoughts and all I have to do is swaayyyy .... move my hands and my hips and my head and just know that right now... right now.... no one is going to bother me.... I am away from my life.... I can imagine myself to be in a garden or on a stage or above Pluto with some of my alien friends or in the middle of an ocean... but at that moment I AM FREE.


I love dancing... dancing alone...... on those beats.... freely...... I love it!

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