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oh look, it is raining.


That sudden rush of the cold breeze through my balcony gate, that I left open at night, just to stare out like a sleepless, drained human being and in midst of the bland day, and something suddenly brought a natural smile to my face. Oh look, it is raining. A change in the same old boring balcony and garden...... And now I am going to go out just to see if the rain will somehow magically make everything slightly less painful...

Maybe it will, maybe it won't, but I sure as hell can't come back in without extending my hand just a little outside my balcony, to feel the cold drops colliding on my palm; every drop reminds me of the boldness and freedom that I don't have..... and then I'll probably come back to your room, lay on my bed, facing the opened door, looking at the rain, for no specific reason.

and now that I am thinking... maybe, just maybe, it made things a little less painful for a few minutes.

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