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What Is Feminism?

• Women and men should have equal right to say about everything in the arrangement of human affairs, including especially the meaning, purpose and activities of their own lives.

• Feminism means the collective empowerment of women for women of color in US and indeed in the world, cannot be empowered unless communities of which they are part of are liberated from all forms of racial oppression.

• Sothat’s part of this intersectional idea. Likewise women in global south cannot achieve collective empowerment unless and until all aspects of colonialism and neocolonialism are eradicated.

• Women’s collective empowerment requires that women have control over their own bodies and all of the decisions affecting their reproductive capabilities, including access to choices concerning abortion, childbirth and pre and post natal care.

• Women cannot achieve collective empowerment until and unless they are free from all kinds of voilence.

• Women’s empowerment cannot be achieved unless and until women and men have absolute control of their own sexuality; the unalienable rights to choose their own sexual and loving partners as long as this is between consenting adults.

• Bothboys and girls should have access to a full curriculum of sex education, free from fear, and with the fullest scientific accuracy and disclosu re.

• Feminism embraces the fluidity of gender and the right of people to pursue transgender identities and practices in accord with their propensities and wishes, free from all forms of discrimination, censure and re prisal.

• Feminismis the complicated enterprise of achieving equality between women and men and among all people. Feminism is about elimination of all forms of hierarchy, all systems of domi nation.

• Itis about honoring the preciousness of life in accord with cultur al, legal, historical and political understandings of gender .


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