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Why has the term 'feminism' gained so much hatred over time.....

A NOTICE FOR ALL MALE READERS! yes it is a blog related to feminism and no YOU WILL NOT FEEL OFFENDED So lets talk ........Why has the term 'Feminism' gained so much hatred over time? P.S. : I'll try my best to keep it interesting. Everybody is extremely clear as to eve teasing, rape culture, parda pratha and lack of girl education are real horrible problems that are simply evil. But the extended version of feminism( that demands female to have freedom about other 'bolder' issues) have always been considered controversial. Actually these so called *bolder issues* are nothing else but an understandable wish of females to make their own life decisions , wether it is about what they wear, what they want to be in life, how they want to live it, if they want to smoke or not, drink or not... They just dont want the society to command them what to do or not to do(especially because of their sex). In easy words, "feminism" wants everyone (girls and boys, males and females, wives, widows and divorcees) to demand a change that even the uplifted sections (such as males , rich , powerful people) have not been able to access, i.e. freedom from social pressure of "log kya kahenge".

So why are people so much against it? A simple logic according to me will be, The name 'feminism' makes lot of people think that 'FEMINism' helps 'women' in their fight to change patriarchy.

But, two problems here exist: 1- Females are not the only ones who have suffered due to patriarchy but men were also pressurized mentally and socially to become something really rough and tough and these men do not hear lot of feminists saying much about the burdens and pressures they've faced due to patriarchy( Clearly not as much as females, but lets not compare and include everyone in this fight) So even though they readily show aggression against female brutality, but when it comes to the above mentioned 'extended version', i believe they think that "Even we dont get to do this, why are they demanding it?"!

Though, a lot a feminists explain their awareness about the issues faced by men and extend their support towards them, STILL,

2- I saw the interview of one and only, extraordinary Kamla Bhasin, who explained that the opposite of patriarchy isn't matriarchy, but equality and i think that...... A movement against patriarchy and overall stereotypical gender based systems should not have a gender biased title. I personally thought a lot and a lot and came to the conclusion that the real fight here is that "NO ONE SHOULD FEEL OBLIGED TO DO OR NOT DO ANYTHING BECAUSE OF THEIR *SEX*"

What is sexism?

According to wikipedia , "sexism is prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination on the basis of sex."

ANTI-SEXISM: I personally see it as a more generalised and/or widely applicable term that a lot of people can relate to and fight for.

Sooo, would you rather say that 'anti-sexism' is the better way of describing this change that this movement wants to bring in the society?

What do you think? Please tell us your opinions also!


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